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About Us

When we started our business adventure back in 2001, we knew that if our goal was to help companies improve employee performance, in areas such as safety, customer service and loss prevention, we would need to focus on the culture of the company.

Experts at the time made it quite clear that employee perceptions of company performance on the promise(s) they made to them influenced their attitudes, actions and interactions over time which ultimately determined the results a company was getting in those areas of the business – GOOD, BAD or UGLY.

To succeed, we also knew that we were going to have to demonstrate to our prospects and clients how leveraging culture would be key to and elevating employee performance.

Nearly 19 years has past and although our experience with our clients has streamlined our process, business model and focus, we are still in the business of elevating performance for our clients - only now our focus is Health & Safety. We altered our path because preventing incident and injuries aligns better with our own core values. And working with like minded safety professionals is extremely rewarding and is our way of trying to make a difference.

CoreCulture Safety is in the business of helping you shift the safety mindset of your employees.

We achieve this by first understanding the current safety culture and then transforming it using results driven Safety Awareness and Training programs custom-fit to the culture. We combine traditional approaches with technology to provide the perfect balance.

We are different from our competitors in that we believe it takes much more than clever artwork and catchy phrases to engage your employees; inspire a change in attitude & behavior and; elevate performance. That is why we offer a more holistic and integrated approach (Inside Up) that takes a closer look at the culture and climate of the organization and then taps into the skills and knowledge of the team to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you and them from reaching goals.

Our organizational model is lean. By choice we do not support a large infrastructure and do not believe that high overheads will improve the end result. Instead, we are a group of professionals with specific skill sets that are linked by a common goal – provide our clients with exceptional service at a fair price.

Our combined expertise in the fields of assessment, communication, culture development, capacity building and branding, enables us to make available a more complete approach to your challenges and opportunities.


We look forward to the opportunity to help you elevate safety performance.

Brad Forwell


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