Why bother creating a Culture of Commitment?

Because we can only sustain what we deeply care about and are committed to.


Many companies when attempting to improve safety performance, use training to improve competence, hoping this will increase confidence and eventually elevate compliance. 


Although this effort will help improve safety performance, you will fall short of obtaining a commitment from your employees because they do not deeply care about being compliant. However, they do care about their safety and especially the safety of their families, friends and hopefully their co-workers.

Creating a Culture of Commitment Toward Safety
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If something is important to us we will find a way, if it's not we will find an excuse.

Therefore the best motivation is self-motivation

To motivate employees to care deeply about their safety and the safety of others we must enhance their belief that they:

  • Are of value - leadership must demonstrate a  genuine concern for the safety of their employees

  • Can make a difference - leadership must provide the tools and training that empowers employees

  • Belong to a community that is working toward a common goal - leadership must provide clearly define the behaviors that will help the company obtain it's goals and objectives.

  • Have the freedom to choose how they behave


BUILD TRUST: To build trust it is important that you help front-line leaders become effective safety coaches. Listening, effectively communicating and demonstrating a genuine concern for the well-being of their Team Members in a visible way are are the skills that will influence the attitudes of the employees and influence their behaviors.

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And you need to help answer a very key question for them: 'What's In It For Me'.

Check out Every Good What Needs A Great Why to learn about one way that will help employees answer this question for themselves.

Employee engagement and positive reinforcement is the key

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn." 

                                                                                                 Benjamin Franklin