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Every GOOD WHAT            Needs a GREAT WHY
What's Yours?
Self Interest & Self Motivation

Why is self-interest the best motivation? Because if something is important to us we will find a way, if it's not we will find an excuse.

Commitment is the act of binding oneself intellectually & emotionally to a course of action and the willingness to look for a new and better way to do something and then doing it.

Every GOOD WHAT Needs a GREAT WHY connects safety to self-interest.  Answering a very question for the employees - What's In It For Me if I work and play safely?

Every Good What Needs a GREAT WHY
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The GOOD WHAT'S of Life - Help us define what to strive for... What to do, say, be, achieve; have or create...

They are important because the provide direction; identify procedures and/or steps for us to follow. They guide our actions so we may be:

  • Successful

  • Productive, effective

  • Happy, proud and safe

The GREAT WHY is our greatest motivation.  It's a powerful compelling cause that moves us, focuses us or inspires us; that fuels the desire of your GOOD WHAT.

One of the keys to leading or influencing others is to help them see the WHY of their WHAT because people are more likely to behave in a manner that supports their self-interest long before they support someone elses.

The Every GOOD WHAT Needs a GREAT WHY experience in the Stop Think Act Safely™ Launch will help your employees see and understand the GREAT WHY of their GOOD WHAT and will ultimately change their perceptions on why they need to work and play safe.

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