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Assume Nothing - Make Better Decisions from the InsideUp

Key to developing an effective awareness and training program is having a deeper understanding of the perceptions and thinking the employees have toward safety as well as the company and why. 

By digging deeper into the current safety culture ensures that the program will address the gaps between leaderships intention and employee perception. it will also ensure that the program is focused, relevant, authentic, memorable and sustainable.

Understanding Your Safety Culture from the InsideUp
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Conduct an InsideUp Safety Culture Assessment

At the end of the assessment you will receive a summary and interpretation of the findings, including recommendations, a plan of action and creative brief that will guide us in the development and shaping of the program that will transform your safety culture.

The InsideUp process answers the following:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Where are you now?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know we arrived?

InsideUp Safety Culture Assessment includes:

  1. Data and Communication Review

  2. Quantitative Communication and Culture Survey

  3. Leadership/Supervisor Interviews

  4. Facility Visits

  5. Focus Group

"People on the floor are the true experts.  The important thing is to tap the knowledge and expertise of our people and get them to develop their own solution.  CoreCulture Safety successfully guided us through the process." (CoreCulture Safety Client)

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