Stop Think Act Safely (STAS)

The Stop Think Act Safely program integrates our approach and practices into a customizable turnkey solution that will help you achieve your safety goals and objectives. It does so by reinforcing the importance of taking the time to stop think about the task at hand before it is started in terms of hazards, procedure and PPE and to act safely while performing that task or any other task throughout the course of the day whether at work, home or play. 

Training exercises contained within also engage the hearts and minds of the employees and connects safety to their self-interest - 'making safety personal'. Answering one very key question for them...                                                                             ...What's In It For Me'.

Stop Think Act Safely Program
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Once the workforce has adopted these key behaviors, employees will become committed to the practice that everyone will come to recognize that Stop Think Act Safely™ is the way we do things around here.  

Eventually it will be an expectation that is ingrained into the collective fabric of the safety culture - creating a "committed to ZERO mindset" that supports you and your efforts to build a sustainable safety program designed to reduce incidents and lost time.

Stop Think Act Safely™ is a simple and easy to launch and a financially viable solution that includes print, multimedia and web based employee awareness, training & recognition solutions  custom fit to your culture. Everything from the Launch Guide to the Behavioral Recognition Cards to the Promotional Products are designed to elevate employee awareness and engagement.

Because projects fail at the beginning and not at the end it is beneficial that prior to launching the program, the Leadership and Supervisory Teams participate in an all day workshop that we call 'Enrolling the Enrollers'. Click here to learn more.