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"The program is doing well. We have two new job sites that have started and we are using this program to help us stay on our toes. At our Sacramento location we have had visits from the City, County, EPA, our own Insurance Risk Consultants, and OSHA consultants walk and review our job and would you believe we have had absolutely no recommendations or corrective actions? We have been exceeding in every aspect of our work including production. Sounds almost like a wishful fairy tale but our employees have reached a level of maturity and pride that I have not seen in our company. Now I credit this to our leadership and the expectations they are placing on their employees, but these leaders are the same leaders that sat in the STAS train the trainer program and they are walking the walk. I believe this program has contributed in our recent successes.

When we did our training as you remember, our company was at a 0 for recordable work related incidents. To this date, we are still at target zero. We have gone over a year without an injury in our company before (once before) and I was always afraid of the fact that complacency would come in and ruin it. It did. Now, although I am still aware that this can happen, I feel more confident that our employees will continue to be observant, because of how the STAS is applied."

John Butcher                                                           

Environmental Health and Safety Manager  

"Brad is tremendously curious, an avid learner, intent on living a vivacious life.  In my experiences with him, I have found him to be dedicated, dependable and available, someone who cares greatly about quality and customer service.

Rod Matheson

President, Matheson & Associates

"CoreCulture Safety is the type of company I like to work with because they care and invest in their client's needs and I think this mainly comes from Brad...he gets into the clients mind set to try to solve the problem with a unique solution tailored to their goals and objectives."

Tim Vera

Digital Communications

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