'Enrolling the Enrollers'
(Train the Trainer Workshop)

As we mentioned in the InsideUpsection, employee thinking & perception​ toward safety is the outcome of the various experiences they have had over time - GOOD, BAD or UGLY. And is most likely the root cause of their collective behavior and the type of interaction they choose to have with the company and with one other. 


If you are experiencing the BAD or UGLY you need to improve on your performance on the promise you made to provide a safe and secure workplace. Because when you do you will create belief, build trust and loyalty which will fuel their desire and commitment to work safe.

Your Supervisors are your greatest asset when it comes to influencing employee perceptions and attitudes and are key to a successful safety culture transformation. 


In addition to developing subject matter experts on the Stop Think Act Safely™ Program, the 'Enrolling the Enrollers' Workshop enables your supervisors with the soft skills and tools that will help them:

  • Effectively communicate and engage employees on the value and importance of working and playing safe 

  • Conduct positive observations / interventions that obtain results

This experience enables them to help you transform the current safety culture

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